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Dallas, TX, USA

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Finance/ Fintech

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Growing - Small to reasonable customer/ user base

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I am currently a Director at 151 Capital, working to build a robust platform that offers bespoke alternative strategies to the investment community. My skillset includes product management, business development, fund structuring, narrative creation, investor relations, process optimization and people management.

I enjoy cultivating new ideas and delivering them through best execution. I believe in working with absolute integrity, working with folks who possess absolute integrity, and positioning them in a way where they can be the best version of themselves. My friends and colleagues would describe me as witty, authentic and adaptable. They would also tell you I can be impatient, and at times, a little too honest.

Outside of 151, I run Proechelon Group where I serve as a “business partner for rent” to entrepreneurs who seek guidance institutionalizing their domain expertise. I also enjoy binging podcasts (Mostly Guy Raz & Bloomberg Odd Lots), volunteering within the local community, and doing anything outdoors. Those who know me will tell you I can walk for hours.

If you you’d like to connect, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’d love to hear more about your ideas, and I’m sure we’ll learn something new along the way.


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Business Development

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0-10 hours per week