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Fremont, CA, USA

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Experience in fundraising (helped the CEO of a gene therapy company, Ligandal, LLC raised $3M in seed funding after providing key proof of principle experiments that nanoparticles can deliver fluorescent DNA up to 93% efficiency), customer acquisition, marketing and product-market-fit validation.

Elevator pitch for startup:

Beehive is a digital database of crowdsourced study guides and solution sets for standardized exams and college classes. Students will view raw uploaded content for free, but BeeHive will curate the top study guides and content into a study package that students can buy. This saves them time from sorting through uploads on their own, and possibly being lead astray with wrong solutions. Technical features include the following: 1) Filtering out low quality study guides and wrong practice problem solutions using an algorithm and domain expert human curation (in-house tutors that have taken the exam or test before). 2) Quality control features for what type of content is accepted into the premium product category, and 3) In-text PDF search tools for users to quickly navigate to the problem or subject specific document, instead of searching by class, teacher, or other generic filters.

Idea stage:

Building - Product building or service being setup

Idea industry:

Web or Mobile app

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Business Development

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Hours per week available to commit:

30+ hours per week