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Orlando, FL, USA

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[+] Self-employed for 15 years - Small Design Boutique Studio

[+] Planned and developed branding for companies and products

[+] Worked for Walt Disney World Resorts and American Express as a designer

[+] UX/UI for websites and web applications

[+] Created marketing collateral designs

[+] Produced Explainer/Whiteboard videos

[+] Created presentation decks

[+] Copywriter for video scripts and websites

Like to connect with a technical cofounder who is interested in equity to build a SaaS product that has a proven and established market fit. Product has paid market research and Solves Customers’ Pain-Points. In addition, I have 10 years hands-on experience with the targeted business owners within this underserved vertical niche market.

Elevator pitch for startup:

SaaS startup for Digital Menu Boards CMS. I have 10 years hands-on experience working with these customers in this vertical niche market.

[+] The product SOLVES numerous PAIN POINTS for small restaurants owners in the Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) space.

[+] The purpose for a menu board is REQUIRED for these restaurant types to conduct business.

[+] Product includes large amount of added value in addition to solving the pain-points.

[+] Project has paid market research.

[+] Project has a proven and established market fit.

[+] Planned GTM Strategy: Inbound Marketing Strategy & Onboarding Methods for better conversion rate.

[+] The product is the better option that meets the restaurant owner needs.

[+] The paid market research reflects USA, yet this product applies to additional markets (Canada and UK). The numbers are attractive for this established market!

Idea stage:

Building - Product building or service being setup

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10-20 hours per week