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Startup industry:

Agency - digital (eg, marketing, Web design)

Startup stage:

Established - steady growth and established customer/ client base

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Why not? Let’s put our brains together and come up with the coolest next startup. Let us talk and see where we end up. I am ready and fully dedicated. Bring it on

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Looking for co-founders: That can be trusted. That sacrifice anything for the dream/vision. Super energetic. Coffee Addict - Not sleeping Bear - In Hibernation If we click we talk if not, i am not in a rush, Am doing great. Ping me if you are interested. Only People Who Reply Fast To Messages. Thanks

Idea stage:

Planning - Business model & business plan writing

Idea industry:

Finance/ Fintech

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Skills Jay is looking for:

Business Development

Hours per week available to commit:

30+ hours per week