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San Diego, CA, USA

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Although I am generally not one to self-praise, I've decided it is better not to under-market myself considering today's saturation. I am easy to work with, open to new ideas. I prefer to keep business models and ideas as malleable as possible. I have experience in bookkeeping, excel, quantitative business analysis and marketing. I am a skilled graphic designer. Mathematics is a strong suit of mine. My most valuable attribute however, is that I am an extraordinary salesman. Whether it comes to in-person pitches, calling angel investors or commercial marketing, one would be hard pressed to find someone with equal eloquence and charisma as myself. I am primarily looking for co-founders with experience in software or cloud engineering. Co-founders with an extensive start-up network, marketability or brokerage experience are also highly desirable.

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With the recent start-up boom, inspired Americans are taking steps towards their aspirations; oftentimes in the form of starting their own business. In my research, I noticed there is a complete absence of an optimized networking system meant to link new founders with potential manufacturers and/or third-party services. When finding a manufacturer for a brand new start-up, one must either have prior experience, indulge in extensive research or take a shot in the dark. I have concluded there is an enormous amount of untapped revenue lurking in the less-confident aspiring business owners. This business model would bring in revenue from both the space in the consumer surplus and the producer surplus. A removal of such a barrier could allow for temporary monopolization of the market, as there is virtually no competition. I have a business plan covering 25 pages extending itself to every relevant aspect of this idea.

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Planning - Business model & business plan writing

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Business Development

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20-30 hours per week