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Melbourne VIC, Australia

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Web or Mobile app

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Growing - Small to reasonable customer/ user base

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I'm a software developer with 15 years experience - My work can been seen at

I'm capable of building all aspects of a modern website/app (backend, frontend and devops). I'm hardworking and have experience with my own startups gaining some degree of success. This has given me a realistic view of what is required to create a successful startup.

Elevator pitch for startup: is a telehealth therapy service that enables therapists to manage their practice and makes it easy for clients to find and book appointments.

It's only recently launched (feb 2021), but we are onboarding therapists fast and starting to take bookings.

I'm looking for someone to come on board to help all sorts of content in the mental wellness space. Come on board and join my growing startup! Ideally looking for someone in aus. Check out the site and get in touch if you’re interested.

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Launched - Existing clients or customers

Idea industry:

Web or Mobile app

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30+ hours per week