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Ipswich, UK

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New - Minimal viable product or service launched with no or few customers/ users

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Over 17 years of architecting, designing, and developing websites and software systems. Proficient in understanding business ideas and concepts, enabling maximum returns on investments. Key strengths include being able to accurately and quickly assess both the overall and specific business needs and drill down to the levels of detail are required to help develop concepts into sophisticated technical solutions. I previously ran a web design company in Hartlepool with two other business partners before selling the business to them and moving to Ipswich. I am now looking for a business partner, ideally someone based in England, with good connections and sales experience to team up with me.

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I have already started my company, in the first week I was awarded a 3 month contract worth over £20,000. I appreciate I can't do everything myself so I am looking for someone to join my company to help find the next project. The idea person will already have an established network of contacts. Your involvement in the business will primarily be to drive the sales cycle from prospect identification to initial customer engagement and ultimately closing the sale. Once there is enough capital to expand the company your job will be to then build a sales team and manage them. Ideally, within the first year we will pass the £100,000 mark but I'm hoping to achieve more.

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Launched - Existing clients or customers

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30+ hours per week