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My background in chemistry and nutrition, my master's degree of Entrepreneurship at UCL, and the fact that I am an avid skincare consumer attempting to solve my very own problems means that I have the background knowledge and passion to make my business idea come to life.

Elevator pitch for startup:

I’m coming up with a natural skincare line that uses key ingredients from Indian and Ancient Chinese medicine, and I am currently completing a masters degree in Entrepreneurship at UCL. As a nutritionist who’s skilled in science and chemistry, I’m looking for the following founding team:

  • Someone with a strong background in finance, capable of creating and processing financial projections initially to raise investment, and eventually to become CFO.
  • Someone with a background in supply chain management, in order to produce the most cost effective strategy in terms of logistics and order fulfillment. We will be outsourcing logistics and manufacturing, so we need someone to manage these external operations and strategize appropriately. To become supply chain manager. -Optional: Someone with previous experience working in a startup, potentially within the domain of marketing or sales. Marketing is going to be extremely critical for this business, so someone capable of producing high quality metrics and making the decisions for branding and campaigns. To become director of marketing.

What I will bring to the table: the idea (along with the mission, the vision, and values of the company), the initial formulations and the liaising with manufacturers, the initial round of funding (FFF, after the founding team is formed!), the master's degree and network at UCL, and of course, the passion to create a high quality skincare business because I am a consumer first and foremost. To become CEO.

Please do get in touch if you're in the UK and if you feel like we can work together.

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Validation - Concept exploration & research

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Business Development

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Business Development

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20-30 hours per week