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Montreal, QC, Canada

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New - Minimal viable product or service launched with no or few customers/ users

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I am in the IT field since 20 years ago. I achieved many great projects for clients I worked for. I am used to working in team. I have have great personal experiences and skills. A lot of energy is required to be successful. For this reason I am looking for someone like me to share with him my passion and realize a big dream. Having a big successful company in insurance leads generators in the world.

Elevator pitch for startup:

Mobile platform to connect insurance salers with new customers.
The idea was validated by the creation of an MVP mobile App. Now we need jto develop a platform to support 100,000 insurance transactions per year.
I am looking for a senior mobile app developer (ex: Flutter) to finalize and deploy the app on Apple store and Google play store.
2M$ is the expected revenue for the first year.

Idea stage:

Building - Product building or service being setup

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Finance/ Fintech

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Business Development

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20-30 hours per week