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Southport, UK

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Agency - other (eg real estate, recruitment)

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Exited - Successfully exited the business

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I'd love to discuss your ideas, and I have a few too - I'm UK-based and I've had a pretty varied history in business.

I started out in the music industry with a management agency before selling it in a stock deal to a larger firm, later joining that firm's board as Chairman. I was able to leverage that position to end up working as VP of HR at a $12.5m EV startup and COO of an investment consultancy firm that had a face value of over $200m (although it did later close due to reasons outside my control).

I currently co-own a residential cleaning firm in London, as well as chairing the boards of a product holding company (which has two interested investors), a tech organisation that specialises in the building and retail of e-commerce websites, and a business services agency, although the latter is in the process of winding down. I'm also consulting for a cloud computing startup, a web hosting firm, a private air charter and a budgeting software startup.

I'm looking to get back into the startup world directly, and am seeking a credible, passionate business partner. We could talk through a few concepts, decide on the best idea and strategy, and then launch/expand the company together.

I don't class myself as a technical founder, but I do have a high grasp of technology due to my background in the software market. Although I choose not to actually code, LinkedIn has certified me in the top 30% in-terms of React.js, Microsoft Power BI and GCP, the top 15% in-terms of Hadoop, Visio, AWS, Spring Framework and machine learning, and the top 5% in-terms of Git, MongoDB, .NET Framework, CSS, XML, HTML, MySQL, Linux and PHP. They've also licensed me in approximately 10 different programming languages.

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Business Development

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30+ hours per week