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Toronto, ON, Canada

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I've been a lifelong fan of interactive storytelling, popular in my childhood as "choose-your-own adventure" books. I'm passionate about the art of storytelling and character development in film and TV, and spend many hours analyzing and theorycrafting with fellow film critics. I'm also a tech junkie at heart and follow machine learning and spatial computing news and community activities regularly. I'm a critical thinker and always learning from others where possible.

Elevator pitch for startup:

ABOUT ME/PLAYMAAS:: We (the royal “We”) are a fledgling startup developing a solution for content creators and social media influencers of all skill levels that will empower them to design new, interactive ways for their fans to seamlessly engage--and re-engage--with their content. This will improve the value of their marketing spend and promote increased views, shares and other social signals.

ABOUT OUR (FUTURE) CUSTOMERS:: You are an aspiring content creator and love connecting and interacting with your loyal and growing fan base. You enjoy taking your followers on escapes through your timeline, whether inspirational, educational or for simple joy & entertainment. Using our customized solution, your content stories/skits/sketches/series are re-imagined with a surprising new twist: your audience is given the ability to influence how key memorable moments ultimately unfold. It doesn't matter if your content is about fashion, music, sports, at-home DIY, social justice issues, outdoor living, even unboxing ASMR! All that matters is your beloved community is active and energized by what you share.

WHAT'S NEXT?:: A prototype has been concepted and I'm currently moving forward with onboarding the first customers for trialing. No official team has been named yet so I'm always actively searching for support in the form of mentors, collaborators and startup veterans, hence my reason for being here. I hope to join forces with one or more co-founders who share some creative curiosity, but more importantly can bring some operational experience and know-how to our venture.

Lastly, I'm not hell-bent on growing this or any startup at breakneck speeds with 80-hr weeks, ulcers and no work/life balance. While laser focus and determination to succeed remain important, so are family, downtime, patience and pausing to breathe occasionally, too.

MESSAGE ME here or hello[at]playmaas.com :)

Idea stage:

Building - Product building or service being setup

Idea industry:

Web or Mobile app

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Business Development

Hours per week available to commit:

20-30 hours per week