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Toronto, ON, Canada

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I'm a patient listener, a diplomatic communicator, a forever curious learner, and a creative & solutions-centric thinker. As a co-founder you'll find in me someone who is focused on the vision, the mandate and the outcomes. I believe in strong but fair dealings with others, and prize honest team dynamics & customer delight over exploiting everyone's value to extremes.

Elevator pitch for startup:

ABOUT ME:: I'm building a platform/solution that will empower social media marketers, micro-influencers and content creators of all skill levels to design new and interactive ways for their audiences to engage with their content. The promise is to multiply engagement --and re-engagement-- levels, increase the value of marketing spend, and boost social signals beyond current baseline performance. Engagement is everything.

ABOUT OUR (FUTURE, PAYING) CUSTOMERS:: Our customers range from rising content creators, to small-biz social media managers, to corporate marketing teams... all of whom enjoy connecting and interacting with an active and energized fan base. Our customers enjoy taking their followers on timeline escapes, whether inspirational, educational, promotional or simply to spread joy & entertainment. Using a custom solution, content material/stories/sketches are developed (or re-imagined) with a new twist by giving audiences the ability to influence how pivotal moments ultimately unfold. It doesn't matter if the content is fashion, music, sports, at-home DIY, social justice issues, product/event launches, outdoor living, or even unboxing ASMR! The truth is that creators and consumers WANT to live closer to the content they already enjoy through shared experiences, shared imagination, and mutual benefits.

PROJECT PROGRESS:: (1) created a visual prototype to illustrate the full vision of this undertaking; (2) performed customer development within target market to be sure we're not building a solution looking for a problem; (3) created a Jira board to lock down the Customer Journey and guide prioritization of features/functionality; (4) created a rudimentary no-code MVP to demo the customer experience and benefits

WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR:: Lean and Agile methodologies are crucial to startup success nowadays and I'm actively seeking out potential co-founders who are familiar or willing to familiarize themselves with these practices. More immediately, I'm looking for two startup partners: a developer, and a creative writer/producer. Both of these roles would ostensibly transition to future Chief Technology Officer and Chief Creative/Content Officer roles (i.e. as co-founders, or fractional or otherwise) upon successful incorporation!

MESSAGE ME:: here or at hello[at]playmaas.com (if webchat is broken again) to learn and hear more. It's just me at the moment and I need to build a team to reach new milestones! :)

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Building - Product building or service being setup

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Web or Mobile app

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20-30 hours per week