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Doorn, Netherlands

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If you want a partner in crime to help your marketing activities cut through the noise and destroy competition, feel free to knock on my door.

  1. Experience; 12 years in Marketing overall, 5 years in positions of senior responsibility (CMO, Growth Director, Creative Director).
  2. Full-stack Marketer (Growth Hacker). In web Development denotes someone who tackles projects involving both databases and user-facing ones. In marketing it means someone who can tackle creative, as well as data-driven tasks which require analysis of hard data and advanced math.
  3. Determined, energetic, action-oriented.
  4. Financially content. If I fall for your idea, I don't mind heavy discounts on my services as I can potentially absorb that damage for some time while expecting to reap the harvest of our hard work (assuming there is enough equity to balance it out).

*No time wasters, pleaaase :-) I wholeheartedly empathize with anyone who's starting this beautiful startup trek from zero. I really do. Yet, I'd prefer partnering up with founders whose businesses have already raised some capital or at the very least have have the means for supporting their ideas. Thanks! 💙

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20-30 hours per week