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Birmingham, UK

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I am a Cloud/DevOps Engineer and AWS Certified Solutions Architect.

I can help your start-up with:

• Creating all your IT infrastructure on AWS cloud (all means all :-) )

• Creating automatic development pipelines (which means your developer will just engage with development, not for integration and deployment)

• Automate all repeated workloads (which are quite boring)

• Create microservices and manage them (Docker, Kubernetes)

• Setup monitoring solutions for your apps and systems

• Create automated alarms for your apps and systems (you won’t need to watch the screens all the time)

• Maintain running apps, services and infrastructure

• Keep your apps, systems and infra secure

• Create solutions for performance, latency and availability problems

• Reduce barriers, decrease friction, and speed up the delivery of products

• Apply for the start-up grant for cloud service providers (you can get $1000 free usage at least)

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Business Development

Hours per week available to commit:

0-10 hours per week