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Having the right technical co-founder is one of the biggest challenges for potential entrepreneurs. The relative difficulty of finding someone with strong technical skills AND high levels of emotional intelligence and leadership.

All of the founders’ roles change dramatically, but none more than that of a CTO.

Whether you’re at Seed stage or Series B, the CEO is responsible for the vision, fundraising and strategy. The COO, regardless of team size, makes sure that the company is running smoothly.

The CTO, however, goes from being a code-all-day ‘get shit done’ technical generalist to a manager of managers responsible for scaling a team to execute on the business strategy. You go from caring about programming to caring about people.

And let’s be honest, programmers are not famed for their communication skills or emotional intelligence.

The truth is, the CTO that is perfect for an early-stage startup might be terrible for a later stage startup. This is true for every position in a fast-scaling company, but finding the right person is especially difficult for the CTO.

Ask yourself whether this person can scale into a leader when you hiring a great CTO?

Can they inspire? Do they have a good sense for people? Can they explain complicated topics in an easy-to-understand way? Right now, you need someone who can code, but their role will change and they need to change with it.

If you are looking for a CTO in the following fields: Website / Mobile App / Blockchain / Quantum Algorithms / Artificial Intelligence / Big Data / Internet of Things / 3D Printing / Drone / Robot / P2P network / WebRTC

I am the one you are looking for.

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