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Calgary, AB, Canada

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New - Minimal viable product or service launched with no or few customers/ users

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I'm an entrepreneur and lawyer with a few successful ventures under my belt. My skills are both "strategic" and "tactical". On the strategic side, I have skills and designations in the law, military intelligence, aviation, software development and business operations - and I draw this all together to make "big picture" connections bridging software/hardware development into practical and marketable products. On the tactical side, I "roll up my sleeves" to build the technical specifications, to write the code, to assemble the hardware, to pilot and maintain the aircraft, to draft the contracts that we need to bring these ideas to fruition, and anything else that is necessary to get the job done. I approach entrepreneurship with both range and depth.

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We've built a solid hardware and software technology platform design to support intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) operators and operations. We have a long-term product-to-market strategy, as well as a short-term initial commercialization plan that we expect will be realized within months (if not weeks). But we've really only brushed the "tip of the iceberg" in terms of what we can do with this technology, and we need you to lead the finance, biz dev, marketing and other aspects of this operation. You should be able to see a vision for the tech, and be able to lead the business side of exploiting it!

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Building - Product building or service being setup

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Business Development

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20-30 hours per week