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Los Altos, CA, USA

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I have deep respect for technologists and I believe you should have creative liberty. I am an expert at fostering non-toxic low drama environments for optimal teamwork. I am flexible and I love to provide emotional support by virtue of being a psychiatrist. I believe in order to create something great, the process must be fun because creativity and play engage the most powerful circuits of the brain.

Elevator pitch for startup:

This is a novel medical startup which seeks to build a technology product to completely digitize hospital operations thus eliminating superfluous middlemen that skyrocket the cost of healthcare and contribute to an epidemic of physician burnout and physician suicide. This project is novel because every medical startup so far seeks to solve the wrong problem. We need innovation in administering care, not outsourcing the very thing doctors dedicated their lives to-diagnosis and treatment of patients, which currently is significantly better performed by human doctors. The primary goal is to honor the doctor patient relationship by eliminating all middlemen in healthcare. Objectives are full medical price transparency for patients at time of service, portable medical records, extending cost savings onto patients, reduced cost of operating a hospital which in turn will make cash payment for hospitalization far cheaper than the legacy predatory health insurance model yet more profitable. It will create a medical revolution that nobody saw coming.

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Planning - Business model & business plan writing

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Business Development

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20-30 hours per week