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Boston, MA, USA

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I have a license to the patent, and am an experienced patent attorney. I am familiar with augmented reality single person video game apps

Elevator pitch for startup:

The game (named “Capture”) is an augmented reality, first person capture game. The game is based on U.S. Patent No. 9802127 and/or U.S Patent No. 8715087, both licensed to me. The game is similar to Poke-Mon Go, but uses fairy tale characters.

The game begins with a group of various fairy tale characters being on the loose. The user attempts to capture the characters, one by one, and keep them in a secure area. Once all the characters been captured and placed in the secure area the game ends or more characters can be released.

The user starts with a pre-determined amount of energy. The energy is used up as the game is played. Once the energy level falls below a certain level, the user can purchase a slice of pizza (in-game purchase) to renew the energy level. This can repeat for several different sets of fairy tales and characters.

Niantic (Poke-Mon Go developer) has taken a license to U.S. Patent no. 9802127 after a two year patent infringement court case. I have a proposal from video game developer SEM Nexus to develop the game for $48K. They can also perform the marketing needed to get it into the App store and Google store for an additional $42K. They are quoting a development time of 6 months. Niantic made tens of millions of dollars on their game. I believe Capture can bring in 8 figures of revenue.
I am looking for someone to either develop the game app or fund the development of the game app

Idea stage:

Planning - Business model & business plan writing

Idea industry:

Web or Mobile app

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Business Development

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Business Development

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10-20 hours per week