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I have been a part of a few smaller startups; one company was an algae algae company where I spearheaded research initiatives, and the second was a hockey stick company. I would fit into the technical category , as I have experience building/deploying products using common web frameworks ( Ruby on Rails, and Django), as well as developing in Java ( driver development, and enterprise Spring applications). Finally I have AWS experience both with deploying my own applications, as well as working with a large company's infrastructure.

In addition to any technical knowledge, I have also worked some some finance ( keeping the books, developing financial models), and some business development e.g Lean startup, Steve Blank etc. My weakest area is sales.

I am mostly either (a) looking for someone to work with on my own idea or (b) looking to develop another idea. If you have an idea ,especially for a marketplace business model and want someone with technical know-how, some business acumen, reach out!

Elevator pitch for startup:

Ice Hockey can be frustrating for players (or teams) to find games, and for venues to manage ice time. Players can run into problems (often traveling far distances) to find that no one is skating that day, or the games are at capacity. Rinks cost a lot of money per hour to maintain, so unused ice time is costing these venues a good deal of money.

Introducing Gametime sports: I have created a two-sided marketplace to bring players of the game, and venues together in one, easy-to-use , robust platform.

This product is an Airbnb for Ice Hockey Rinks. Users are able to search for venues, create a profile, book games, pay online, check availability calendars, and even bid on ice time! Rinks can create tournaments, games, skate sessions, manage schedules, and even offer unused ice time! All users can message other users with a real-time chat feature.

Everything is hooked up - profile creation, messaging (sms texting via Twilio for game confirmations), booking, bidding, payment gateway, searches, name it!

What we would need: Need to do more business/customer development to start. This is a fully functional MVP, but continual learning would need to be the focus. I would have no issues getting another developer into the mix, where I than switch towards business development.

Idea stage:

Building - Product building or service being setup

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Business Development

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Business Development

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10-20 hours per week