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Long Beach, CA, USA

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Reliable, enthusiastic, and hard working. I like doing things right or not doing them at all. I can code front end and backend and can learn to utilize new languages/tools quickly.

Elevator pitch for startup:

Shopra is a clothing discovery app which features an endless, algorithmic feed that learns what the user likes based on engagement. The MVP has launched on the app store and google play.


The problem Shopra solves: tens of millions of unique clothes and apparel online creates a likely scenario that there are clothes that people would be willing to pay for... but they don't know it exists.


That's where Shopra comes in. Shopra features a database of ~3 million clothes (and growing) from thousands of stores, which is queried and shown to the user in an algorithmic, never-ending feed in the app. The idea is that the app would learn what the user likes and show the users relevant products.


Looking for advisors/partners/investors who can help turn Shopra into the next big thing.

Idea stage:

Launched - Existing clients or customers

Idea industry:

Web or Mobile app

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Business Development

Hours per week available to commit:

20-30 hours per week