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I am passionate, loyal and have full belief in this concept and idea. The UKs move to net carbon zero by 2050 is a huge opportunity to capitalise on

Elevator pitch for startup:

Zero’s vision is to create a digital only green banking experience for its customers that aims to be carbon positive throughout the business operating model. Zero’s vision will be underpinned by:

1. Zero will only offer products that are considered to be green. Zero considers the definition of a green product to be a deposit or a loan that supports the purchase of green goods, projects or infrastructure development and assists the UKs drive towards becoming net carbon zero by 2050.

2. The current account and credit card will be enriched with data analytics on the Zero app through the partnership of companies such as Meniga to educate and enable customers to understand their carbon footprint and how their spend impacts the environment through the assignment of carbon scoring. Through the partnership of Meniga, Zero will look to utilize data management tools to offer its customers ways to reduce their carbon footprint (carbon scoring) and obtain rewards for being positive carbon – such as lower interest rates for loans or green carbon membership reward points that can be spent on green products from the member reward site.

3. Zero will aim to drive sustainable finance development through the support of green social causes (e.g., local community green sponsorship, flexible and fair employee hybrid working conditions), implementing strong governance (e.g., no excessive executive pay, paying the right tax, having a Chief Carbon Officer) and supporting the UK environment (e.g., planting trees, biodegradable cards, positive carbon footprint).

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Building - Product building or service being setup

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Finance/ Fintech

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Business Development

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30+ hours per week