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Lahore, Pakistan

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Startup industry:

Agency - digital (eg, marketing, Web design)

Startup stage:

Growing - Small to reasonable customer/ user base

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I am the CEO & co-founder of Active House Technologies Ltd, based in Lahore, Pakistan. Business and IT enthusiast and believer in constant growth stages in business and technology disciplines. My goal and the company’s goal walk in the same way. My one and only aim is to achieve incredible outcomes.

Being a co-founder im determined to handle the multiple and specific roles in company to grow it to a functioning organizational level.

My Directional & organizational roles are:

Powerful strategy and execution of plans, Budget and financial management to fuel those plans

that’s what I specialize at.

Elevator pitch for startup:

Looking for partner who can handle Product, I’ve 2 products, Business management app (ERP for SME) Multipurpose E-commerce portal. Looking person who have experience of marketing & product ownership.

Idea stage:

Planning - Business model & business plan writing

Idea industry:

Agency - other (eg real estate, recruitment)

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Skills Shahryar is looking for:

Business Development

Hours per week available to commit:

30+ hours per week