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Gloucester, UK

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This will be my 3rd Start-Up. Each ended in a 6 figure exit. I’m a 33 year old Ex Army Officer, turned entrepreneur, with a proven background in all aspects of founding a start-up. I'm in the process of identifying my 3rd start-up (No.2 can be seen here on the BBC: ).

I'm looking for a technical co-founder. I'm confident with team leading, management, recruitment, product management, sales/BD, marketing. My weakness, and the area I'd value a co-founder to support/lead on, would be on the technical / dev side.

This is my full time role & I'm looking forward to connecting with you.

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I've found it challenging to find a Founder. I'm exploring different platforms, I'll update this information if it looks like this platform will be useful! :)

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Validation - Concept exploration & research

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Business Development

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30+ hours per week