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Houston, TX, USA

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Entrepreneurs have difficulty finding an exemplary business owner for their startup idea. I am an independent franchise business consultant and broker that's spent the last four years focused on business development and strategy. As a consultant, I help clients realize their professional potential and business goals without their clear understanding of what they want and need to find success. As a broker, I work with over 300 companies, including those in the top 500 franchises, who entrust me to find fit business owners to push their companies' visions while representing their name and intellectual property. As a co-founder, you will find that I quickly grasp innovative business ideas and share a range of values consistent with your vision and entrepreneurship. I am passionate, logical, trustworthy, adaptive, self-motivated and self-aware, comfortable with conflict, creative, and have an innate characteristic to drive for victory.

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Business Development

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30+ hours per week