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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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Hi, I'm a med student from a top medical college (AFMC) with a deep interest in working on solving the grand problems in healthcare, and hopefully creating a uni/decacorn in the process.

Absolute believer in user friendly, as low tech as possible solutions to complex problems with a big market.

Participated in multiple hackathons including winning the MIT COVID 19 India hackathon. I have one patent pending (medical intubation device). I have experience of working on 4 failed startups - including a deeptech startup working on automating Tuberculosis and cervical cancer smear diagnosis, a low tech app to improve the workflow of medical social workers in India by leveraging IVRS solutions and a hardware project of building a high suction air purifier. I learnt a lot from these failures.

Elevator pitch for startup:

An app to automate medical history taking from patients, and recommend lab tests BEFORE visiting the doctor. Ultimately want to make a leading AI based medical record keeping and diagnoses company. MVP prototyping shows an almost 30% reduction in OPD visit times, showing the massive revenue and quality of life potential for the same.

Me and my team: Our team is extremely easy to work with, and very understanding and supportive of all members - it's more a family than a company. I am fiercely loyal to and protective of my team, and i love setting up and working in happy, motivated teams. After a string of failures in finding the right CTO cofounder, all i want is to find someone who is hardworking, humble, straightforward, believes in work more than talk and shares my vision for building a useful tech solution for the same.

Idea stage:

Building - Product building or service being setup

Idea industry:

Web or Mobile app

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Business Development

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30+ hours per week