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Ashburn, VA, USA

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Website (eg news, affiliate)

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New - Minimal viable product or service launched with no or few customers/ users

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Hello! My name is Katie, and I am the CEO of Recspert and one determined, positive, and driven entrepreneur. My background of 12 years is in sports and recreation. In addition, I am finishing up my doctorate in Human Organizational Leadership through GW. During the pandemic, I endured cancer treatment while finishing my doctorate classes and wrote a federal grant for which we won $136,000 for Loudoun Parks and Rec. I also train and participate in Ironman triathlons in my free time. I've earned the "Catching Excellence" award from Loudoun County Parks and Recreation in the past. I left parks and rec to pursue the first two-sided marketplace for recreation, fitness, sports, and wellness-focused. I'm seeking a technical engineer/co-founder who can help further develop www.recspert.com and work together to build up the company to its fullest potential.

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We're an online recreation center connecting busy families with recreation experts to enhance the quality of your life.

A one-stop shop to find an expert and resources to keep moving, dancing, laughing, running, lifting, surfing, golfing, swimming, and so much more!

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Launched - Existing clients or customers

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Website (eg news, affiliate)

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Business Development

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30+ hours per week