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Edinburgh, UK

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Web or Mobile app

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Growing - Small to reasonable customer/ user base

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I am a non-technical founder. I love new ideas and find I have too many to chase so am looking for a technical co-founder to discuss ideas, review options and focus on one idea to pursue and grow into a successful business. I believe I bring a strong business mindset and determination to give 100% to a project. I launched Whatbook to be the first app for social readia® (social media for books) to change the $100bn book industry, for the better, but am open to discussing other ideas too. I believe the pandemic has shown that remote working is completely possible so am open to collaboration with people based anywhere.

I also believe that people make a business as much as the idea, and having heard this directly from investors, I am now looking for that first partner.

Elevator pitch for startup:

Whatbook is building social media for books, or social readia as we call it. We are changing the $100bn book industry

Idea stage:

Launched - Existing clients or customers

Idea industry:

Web or Mobile app

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Business Development

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10-20 hours per week