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Toronto, ON, Canada

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New - Minimal viable product or service launched with no or few customers/ users

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Flexible, committed and driven to succeed, I have created a breakthrough data paltform. I am passionate and have dedicated several years to deliver working technology at breakthrough prices. I simply seem to need help with simpler sales pitches and value conversations. I just cant seem to get out of the weeds. ;-)

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Bring the datacenter to your desk - BREAKTHROUGH multigigabit connectivity for all your intelligent systems- plug and play GREEN hardware. Perfect for large file users like creatives... 5Gbps USBNETWORK platform - with International Innovation Awards -

Patent protected.

Seeking passionate co-founder with art of sales and business development... ideally loves personal computing / consumer electronics.

This is a 'zero-to-one' venture that will revolutionize personal area computing.

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Building - Product building or service being setup

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Business Development

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20-30 hours per week