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One interesting idea to build business with me is The Aquatic Design Project, this will change people mind to have consideration of Living things especially in water living things, provides High Technology to breed and conserve them, there are a lot of aspects to have profit in this business idea, I want to create Tons of Aquatic Landscape, inside of them are full of plantations and decorative fishes from fresh and sea water, my Vision is to make people understand how they care about water pet, this idea will and has to be grown up as the people mind to hobby them to pet and to collect them, and my Mission is to have people minds to be more interesting and understand to care of the water living creatures. PSIRIUM is the Name of my Idea, consisted by two Words PSI is the Greek Alphabet or The symbol of Poseidon as the King of Ocean in Greek Mythology, RIUM is the separate words from Aqua-Rium, this word has a parable meaning as the Container for water, INDONESIA is my Base Location where I will start my Business. • Product and Service : -Plantations, Fishes and Feeds-Layout design for the tank • Business Concept : Conserve-Cultivate-Design provides the nowadays technology to build this concept.

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I need investors (fund-raising and co-workers) who can help growing my Vision and Mission and also building my dream and others too, we can have one good purpose and so we can share the profit together as the idea and business are grown up. The main business marketplace is store and online market. Store Market : Engage and transaction with Customer in Store. Online Market : Engage and transaction via Virtual provides E-commerce, Sending Packages with domestic and overseas logistics.

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Building - Product building or service being setup

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20-30 hours per week