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Barcelona, Spain

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I have nearly 20 years experience in the tech industry, have founded 2 as CTO and supported another in the early stages as VP engineering. I have the skills to build for both web and mobile. I've also built and led technical teams.

10 years ago I was diagnosed with diabetes. In the time since I've learnt to manage the condition and have built an app which helps me do that.

Elevator pitch for startup:

Diabetics have to make 180 decisions a day to manage their health. They have to manage medication, diet, exercise regimes and supplements. The quality of those decisions impacts their energy, concentration, sleep and general quality of life. Longer term better decisions give them longer lives with less medical complications. By incorporating wearable data from glucose sensors, activity monitors and sleep trackers it's possible to show diabetics and their doctor's the right decisions so they can lead more fulfilling and longer lives.

Idea stage:

Validation - Concept exploration & research

Idea industry:

Web or Mobile app

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Skills Oliver is looking for:

Business Development

Hours per week available to commit:

20-30 hours per week