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Nice, France

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Dropped out of Postgraduate Master's for early career as a financial professional at Credit Suisse, until Sept 11 2001. Obtained the NASD Series 7 and 63 certifications to be a certified stockbroker in Wall Street. But I really did not like the ethics there (for a good reference, watch The Wolf of Wall Street movie).

Operated career conversion following my early passion for marketing. Now a seasoned business development consultant and marketer (traditional and digital) with extensive international network.

Genuinely interested in/passionate about martech, product ideation and branding. I pay close attention to human interactions, societal issues, communication, ethics.

I have lived/worked in Paris, London, Vancouver BC, NYC, Dubai. So I'd say I have a global mind with a very adaptable, open-minded approach to life and people.

The idea for this platform was born out of a personal struggle, after looking for company setup, operations and martech expertise in the past, and struggling to select and engage with the right Consultants online, based only on an avatar and a short bio. I realized that a more human connection was missing prior to engaging with people, hence the platform's focus on video pitch for breaking the ice with anyone looking for an expert.

Elevator pitch for startup:

I have build and just published a platform that lets users get personalized help from experts during live Q&A sessions. Our USP: supercharged public profiles with video pitch that break the ice with users & lead them to engage with confidence.

The ideal co-founder is not afraid to get his/her hands dirty, to do things that don't scale in the beginning.

As a marketing & product expert, he/she knows what it takes and understands all aspects of the job: positioning, personas, strategy, ideation, features,...

His/her soft skills along with a shared entrepreneurial passion and strategic vision are paramount to us.

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Launched - Existing clients or customers

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Business Development

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10-20 hours per week