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I have experience in scaling a fintech company in France from scratch to become a +4M€ EBITDA business.

I'm currently the General Manager in Spain of the biggest insurtech startup in France, Leocare, which raised last year a 100M€ round valued at 350M€.

Elevator pitch for startup:

"So many companies claim to be data-driven, at the same time they claim people is their most important key asset. However, nobody has a data-driven approach to hiring".

Whether we talk about traditional companies or startups, hiring processes have remained the same in the last decades. Every company makes a first filter by CV/experience, even though research shows that experience is only a good performance predictor in the short term.

Multi-measures (cognitive+personality tests) have shown to be the best performance predictors, however very fez companies integrate them in their hiring processes:

The problem is even more obvious if we talk about the biggest headache for HR departments: customer service employees. Not only they represent a high proportion of the employees of every company, but they also present the biggest challenges in terms of rotation and motivation in repetitive jobs.

For this type of profiles, filtering candidates by CV is the opposite of what should be done: expanding the pool and identify the best fits beyond their experience.

As a business model, it is really simple: focus on the customer service niche, provide a platform to HR departments, allow them to send tests to their candidates, offer a scoring on the tests, and charge on a complete test basis. Marketing cost? A Linkedin Premium account and some time to send messages.

Competition is extremely low (testgorilla is crap and has customers like McDonalds and Bain), and the market, inmense.

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Validation - Concept exploration & research

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Business Development

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10-20 hours per week