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Santa Clara, CA, USA

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My educational background is in electrical and computer engineering, but I always found my way to get as much entrepreneurship and business courses as possible. I have also done a fair share of online marketing for my previous startup. In the past I have lead engineering teams especially the ones that are more hardware heavy, but over the last year I have worked at larger companies where I was an individual contributor as an embedded system engineer.

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At we are looking for someone who has experience working in B2C kind of businesses/startups with a lot of experience with social media and marketing strategies that work for B2C kind of startups. For right now we are building a community of ebike commuters. Such community does not exist, and we think that would open doors for various products. Ebikes have been on fire in both Europe and the US, but we think their commuting potential in the US is still untapped.

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Planning - Business model & business plan writing

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Business Development

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30+ hours per week