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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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I bring the experience and expertise required to successfully take a venture from ideation to acquisition with my previous startup flintstop.com being acquired in 2020. My core strengths lie in Sales, Growth, Marketing, Networking, and Fundraising.

Elevator pitch for startup:

Our company is going to make a harmonic-analysis and NLP-based Speech Emotion Recognition SaaS product having two modules, Live and Trainer, for sentiment detection and customer journey mapping. These modules are designed to work in synergy, analyze voice-based conversations between clients and client-facing personnel, and offer interventions, customized training modules, and data-driven insights. And to drive enterprise decisions that enhance customer experience, acquisition, and retention, which increase revenue and profitability. The goal of our company is to help businesses improve CSAT and reduce AHT and manual audits that in turn will lead to repeat business and optimizations.
The two modules and their feature sets are:
Live - A contextual live-assist tool that offers key insights and interventions for conversations between customers and customer support agents in the form of:
Emotion-Detection: Harmonic-based emotion detection that detects a customer’s emotions during key moments.
Vital: Key experience metrics that the agent is kept privy to at all times be it talk ratio, talk speed, dead air, or interruptions.
Checklists: A static call flow checklist for specific customer scenarios
Battlecards: Dynamic prompt that is triggered by specific customer emotions or words or agent behaviors.
Trainer - A simulated environment with AI-based voice bots that recreates specific agent-customer interactions. Which are designed based on actual data of that agent's interactions with customers. All on a platform that is nearly identical to the Live experience, ensuring training that actually works.

Idea stage:

Building - Product building or service being setup

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Web or Mobile app

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Business Development

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30+ hours per week