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Lagos, Nigeria

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Besides being highly committed to drive at the mission, i have the required skills to market and the experience to account for finances having a Bsc in accounting. After under studying the real estate industry as an executive assistant in a real estate broker’s firm, I’m well acquainted with the culture of the industry.

Elevator pitch for startup:

More than 90% of off-campus students and NYSC corp members agreed there’s a struggle to finding suitable accommodation on budget, talk less of the predatory middlemen fees they cannot evade, which makes the process even more mundane.

While a staggering 92% of landlords agreed renting out their apartments to students and corp members best suits them.

We evaluated that these two groups are yearning for something akin, which boils down to- A platform that brings them directly to each other, whilst taking off the bugging hassle in rent finding.

A co-founder who can take charge of the technology aspect will drive this startup to the next milestone.

Idea stage:

Building - Product building or service being setup

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Business Development

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30+ hours per week