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Cambridge, UK

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Eager to get my teeth stuck into an eco friendly start up. Looking for anything that is related to recycling, rewilding or perhaps zero waste products. Essentially any ideas that may cater to a greener audience or are of altruistic nature are really the desired niche.

I've worked as a commercial director for a multi-million turnover organisation within the e-commerce sector and have a broad experience in e-commerce marketing and advertising strategies, team management and business development.

I possess excellent organisational and project management skills. Currently work part time as a Group Account Director managing a profit and loss for a total of 25 clients and a budget of £1mill in marketing spend.

Tired of working for large corporations and full of drive and ambition, I am looking to partner with like minded individual(s) on an ambitious project on something that I can co-found.

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Business Development

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20-30 hours per week