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San Diego, CA, USA

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I'm very passionate about this.

I'm currently working in the Medical Device/Pharmaceutical field as a Planner with a Marketing Degree.

I am a dream chaser and I truly believe that this product have a lot to offer to the Martial Arts community.

I work with strong discipline carrying the flag of FAMILY as my biggest value.

Elevator pitch for startup:

This is The Jiu-Jitsu apparel business focused in martial arts lifestyle and culture.

Martial Arts in general is a very close, loyal and beautiful community specially Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

I've been doing this for 8+ Years now.. and this is part of my daily basis and my own identity, something that I truly love and I own much of my character.

My brand is mainly focused in Jiujitsu history, culture and lifestyle with a "never end" of information and more that 30 developed ideas for different batches for T-Shirts.

I already have a few batches ideas for "amazon selling for high demand" something simple and beautiful, easy to print and fast to get for a starting.

I'm dreaming BIG and eventually planning to do a web page, Instagram and Facebook page, also adding more products to the brand like hoodies, track pants, shorts, long sleeve t-shirts, sweaters and even Jiujitsu Kimonos and Rash guards (This are tools for training).

Idea stage:

Planning - Business model & business plan writing

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Hours per week available to commit:

20-30 hours per week