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I have made a deliberate shift in my career aspirations towards becoming an entrepreneur. My background in both education and marketing has equipped me with valuable skills such as effective communication, leadership, and creative problem-solving. My passion for change and a desire for innovation have led me to explore opportunities in creating and managing my own business venture. I am now focused on identifying a niche market, developing a niche product or service, and leveraging my skillset to bring my entrepreneurial vision to life. I am direct in my communication style but also kind and friendly. I was born in Singapore and lived here for many years. I have been working here this time round for two years.

Elevator pitch for startup:

This project is to build a mobile application to provide a marketplace for Singapore residents above the age of 18 to re – sell their unwanted clothes (Lemon). It will also provide a separate marketplace for parents/ caregivers/ guardians to re – sell children’s clothes/ items (Little Lemons). The core service provided by both marketplaces will be identical. However, the communities and user intent which drive users to the marketplace(s) will differ. It is important to understand this since ‘search terms’ will vary across both marketplaces and thus the data analytics that drive them. More information on this can be found later on.

Lemon’s long-term mission will be to develop a culture in Singapore, and eventually other international markets, where individuals choose to shop second – hand / browse via the Lemon platform over high street brands. Users will opt for re – sale instead of the high street because it offers unique, affordable, and sustainable options while promoting the circular economy. The app must aim to replicate offline shopping experiences in the online space to help encourage this.

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Building - Product building or service being setup

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Business Development

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30+ hours per week