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My path to entrepreneurship ignited from personal pain points with outdated recruitment methods and management inefficiencies. Having been on both ends of the hiring spectrum, I've pinpointed key inefficiencies that urgently need addressing. This understanding isn't just academic; it shapes my drive to overhaul a stagnant industry. My mission is not merely to disrupt but also to create a workplace reflecting the values I hold dear, values honed by these very experiences.

Elevator pitch for startup:

My focus is on developing precision-matching algorithms that not only accelerate the hiring process but also elevate the quality of matches. On top of this, I'm interested in harnessing analytics to refine job and candidate profiles continually. I'm also looking into potential synergies with established platforms to broaden our reach. These elements form the backbone of a scalable ecosystem aimed at streamlining recruitment.

Idea stage:

Building - Product building or service being setup

Idea industry:

Web or Mobile app

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Business Development

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Hours per week available to commit:

30+ hours per week