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Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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Once upon a time in the world of business, there was a co-founder with a unique journey, and that co-founder was me.

Chapter 1: The Financial Navigator

My story begins as a Chartered Accountant, where I mastered the art of financial management. Numbers and strategies danced at my fingertips, ensuring that every venture I touched had a solid fiscal foundation.

Chapter 2: The Technological Alchemist

But I wasn't confined to spreadsheets and ledgers. I became a tech guru, the bridge between cutting-edge technology and practical business applications. I thrived on innovation, pushing the boundaries to stay ahead in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Chapter 3: The Banking Visionary

Then came my role as an ex-founder of a bank. The financial world was my canvas, and I painted it with insights that only an insider could possess. Fintech, payments, lending – these sectors held no secrets for me.

Chapter 4: Leading the Charge

Leading massive development and design teams became my forte. I honed my leadership skills, managing hundreds of professionals who shared my passion for excellence. Together, we transformed concepts into real, thriving products.

Chapter 5: The Strategic Mastermind

Strategic thinking was my compass. I thrived on navigating uncharted waters, leading initiatives that kept my ventures ahead of the competition. Growth hacking became second nature, as I identified opportunities for rapid expansion.

Chapter 6: A World of Interests

But I was more than just numbers and strategies. My interests were diverse – fintech, payments, lending, investing, hospitality, hotels, real estate – each a chapter in my story, waiting to be explored. The geographies I operate would be India, East Africa, US and UK.

Epilogue: The Partnership Awaits

Now, my story converges with yours. Together, we can create something extraordinary, leveraging my expertise and passion for innovation. The journey ahead is bound to be exciting and transformative.

Are you ready to collaborate so that we build the next chapter together?

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