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Barcelona, Spain

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Illusion, humble, transparence.
Aiming to change the way Software Accounting companies are approaching their products, an UX and UI Accounting software approach.

Elevator pitch for startup:

Welcome to the AI FInance robot which will assist on your accounting and administrative tasks
Our mission is to be the self-driving car of the Accounting software.
The AI Robot will let you know which pending tasks you have to perform so you get an actual overview of you Cash and your cash forecast (getting your runway, months of cash you’ve got until you run out of it)
No more menu task overview. AI Robot, throughout an animated Metaverse interface or Bin resemblance app will frame all the user experience and user iteration.

Idea stage:

Validation - Concept exploration & research

Idea industry:

Finance/ Fintech

Javier's skills:

Business Development

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Hours per week available to commit:

0-10 hours per week