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Why am I a good co-founder? I have a relentless drive to shatter the legacy elitist status quo - to genuinely make a difference.

The world is becoming a dark and dreary place, thus we must take upon the benevolent mantle of disruption before it is too late!

If you aren't looking to disrupt, then look elsewhere :)

Elevator pitch for startup:

Lyfe is a next-generation sociotechnological startup with an ecosystem of revolutionary sub-projects designed to introduce legacy-shattering paradigms through the lens of decentralization.

Lyfe (DSN): The Distributive Sequencing Network is an alternative solution to archaic DLTs and decentralized compute paradigms. Think holochain but better.

Lyfe Games: Lyfe Games take on an alternative socioreality gaming approach whereby real life activities are gamified. (Think Sims but real life).

Aevum: A novel cybercurrency based upon Spacetime Dimensionality (addresses the traditional strongholds faced by time banking); solves the inflation/deflation dilemma; a serious contender for the future of currencies.

Spatialverse: An alternative to the digital realm of the metaverse, with a focus on ambient integration through the creation of a live and dynamically interactive digital twin of Earth.

Symbiosis: Combining decentralized technology with on-graphchain ML/AI in order to create virtual agents that replicate the human actor's identitive and personal composition. Powers "syms" which are the hybrid combination of human actors and agents, simulating real world scenarios applicable to various peers.

MEM: A protocol geared towards the self-organization and reinforcement of decentralized individuals and entities. Quantifies, metrifies, and tokenizes Merits, Ethics, Morals, thus powering a distributed reputation system, consensus generation, decision making, incentivization, and more. Also an alternative to fiscal-oriented DAOs, thus powering and enabling mDAOs (based upon MEM Contributions).

Nestify: A project atop the Lyfe Metanetwork, which enables the holonic nesting of tokens. Tokenize anything and everything, in any and every manner imaginably possible. Countless novel solutions that enable the dynamic tokenization of production & consumpiton; products, services, inventory; payroll, HR, invoices; etcetera

Looking for technical co-founder

Looking for technical co-founder

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Building - Product building or service being setup

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Business Development

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30+ hours per week