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Kelowna, BC, Canada

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Every great company needs the creative, visionary, outside the box thinking mind, seeing solutions where others see problems. I have three unique product ideas. Two are an improvement on an existing product and related to the landscaping/outdoors industries.

One is an innovative product in the childrens play market with no direct competitors, yet a massive and untapped market. It can be used by all children but is especially geared to those kids with adhd, autism, and sensory overload disorder.

I have a child with adhd and this idea was inspired by her.

Currently seeking patentability of all three products. but am currently focused on the childrens product for which i have built a prototype and what I think has greatest potential.

I have the ideas. What I need is someone who has taken an idea, turned it into a product, ensured that product is profitable and then built it into a successful business. This would include having brought multiple products to market in both the retail and online spaces. They would have experience sourcing materials overseas, fabrication and manufacturing, marketing and sales, legal, and investor contacts.

Elevator pitch for startup:

In the dynamic landscape of childhood enrichment, xxxxxxx emerges as a revolutionary concept, seamlessly blending functionality with therapeutic design to create a unique haven for children. Both the product and the company, xxxxxxx, redefine the traditional play and relaxation space, offering a xxxxxxxxxxxxx crafted to address the diverse needs of all children, with a particular focus on providing solace for those facing challenges such as autism, ADHD, and sensory processing issues.

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Planning - Business model & business plan writing

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Business Development

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30+ hours per week