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Manchester, UK

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I have a strong background in sales and have been working as a specialist consultant in the SMART buildings sector for a number of years. I have access to a strong base of existing clients and I am recognised within the buildings industry as a expert in my field. I have a strong passion for all things digital and always keep up to date and explore the latest technologies and solutions that come to market. Other than my expertise in the SMART buildings sector I also have my restaurant business and I am in the process of getting a SaaS start up launched with the help of a start up accelerator programme. I am keen to get involved with other ventures too as the startup/business world is something that makes me tick and gets me excited!

Elevator pitch for startup:

Simply put the solution focuses on improving workflow in existing businesses to improve the start to end customer journey while giving businesses better access to data to help them manage and forecast the workload for their business.

Idea stage:

Planning - Business model & business plan writing

Idea industry:

Web or Mobile app

Hetesh's skills:

Business Development

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Hours per week available to commit:

20-30 hours per week