Any Starthawk members in the Charlotte, North Carolina USA area?
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Any Starthawk members in the Charlotte, North Carolina USA area?

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Charlotte is the second largest financial center in the United States -- second only to New York and half the population of Charlotte are former New Yorkers. People who live in the Carolinas (the states of North Carolina or South Carolina), frequently visit Charlotte, commute to Charlotte, are willing to move to Charlotte, or want to move to the region all count in this question.

There actually are people who don't want to move to Silicon Valley because of the fires, earthquakes, high taxes, and sexist corporate culture. Shocking but true. Not everyone loves Silicon Valley. What they love is the access to venture capital and that capital goes to the same faces over and over and over again. So the best ideas and the best talent is actively looking for alternatives.

Single family offices, accelerators, hedge funds, private equity, angels, boutique investment banks, and other alternatives are found all over the USA and foreign investors invest in America regardless of where the startup is located within the United States.

If you are new to Starthawk, can you please answer this question?

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J .
On: 15/01/2020 17:57

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Yes, I'm in the area. I have co-founded multiple companies that brought me to both San Francisco and Bellevue. Charlotte is a better environment in most respects. It is primarily lacking in Series A funding for anything other than finctech.

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On: 02/05/2021 14:40

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