How much to say in elevator pitch
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How much to say in elevator pitch


How much should I give away in my elevator pitch on here please? Mine is a simple idea and I feel if I don’t just say what it is then no one will be interested. But if give it away then is there a risk someone might run with it themselves?!


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On: 25/10/2023 10:40

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Don't be afraid of someone knocking off your solution, inevitably someone will. Your elevator pitch should have these four elements:

Who do I help with the things I know best: Emerging merchants What problem do I help them overcome: Customer growth and retention What outcome specifically do they achieve: accelerated demand How do I create the outcome: Customer generated offers

I help emerging merchants drive customer growth, retention, and demand using customer generated offers.

Some people argue it should be crystal clear. I would argue that a small bit of ambiguity like "customer generated offers" creates a goal for your elevator pitch - a clarifying question = engagement.

"What are customer generated offers?"

We enable consumers to make offers to buy their shopping carts from merchants using marketing and sales automation.

That's been my approach.

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On: 09/11/2023 15:10

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