Can a Well-Written Book Boost a Founder's Authenticity?
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Can a Well-Written Book Boost a Founder's Authenticity?

In today's world, being seen as a thought leader can be a game-changer.

So, can publishing a solid, insightful book help a founder shine and stand tall as an expert even before the startup launch?

By pouring their knowledge and experiences into a book, founders might create a stronger bond with their audience. It could also spark lively discussions among colleagues and the wider community.

This question explores how publishing a book might lift a founder's credibility.

It also examines how it could stir exciting conversations in social and professional circles.

Asked by:
Dr Wajid
On: 11/10/2023 20:35

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I think it really does depend, like many things that impact image.

On one hand, on paper (if you'll excuse the pun), publishing a book on any topic often automatically makes you appear as more of an expert on said topic. The difficulty with business books is that I think some of them can make a founder come across as a little scammy. In a world with so many self-help gurus and so-called 'corporate coaches', it can be increasingly difficult to separate your Robert Kiyosaki from your Tai Lopez.

In the past, I have seen a potential business partner's book, and thought fair play - this guy knows what he's talking about. Other times, I see one and think - this guy thinks he knows what he's talking about, and he's telling people he knows what he's talking about, but he doesn't. The irony is, most of that impression comes from the name and cover, as well as how you pitch it.

If you released a business book but you had literally no business experience (or barely any), I would probably just think you were having me on - most people would, even with the bare minimum level of research. Similarly, if you released a book and it got no sales, it wouldn't overly increase my likelihood to work or interact with you - it's all about context.

But absolutely, a well-written, well-branded book with decent sales is always going to be a selling point. It's always going to increase your market value as an individual, and arguably attach that positive brand to your startup.

Answered by:
On: 14/11/2023 20:07

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