Which on do you prefer for you Co-Founder?
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Which on do you prefer for you Co-Founder?

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Which on do you prefer for your Co-Founder? A. Someone who you know well but doesn't reach your skills expectations or B. someone you just met but have reach your expectation skills

and why you choose that? have you experienced with them?

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On: 24/06/2022 05:53

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Hi Zeny, Ideally rather none of them, it's kind of a dilemma as you can't actually trust someone you can't rely on and you can't rely on someone you don't trust. I have experienced both and both resulted into the same scenario which is disappointment. Trust and skills can both be built but remember character is only revealed. It does not change. I hope that somehow I helped you with this.

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On: 08/09/2022 02:48

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