Has anyone read Andrew Chen's The Cold Start Problem?
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Has anyone read Andrew Chen's The Cold Start Problem?

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What is your takeaway? Did you like the story of how messaging apps, marketplaces, workplace collaboration tools, multiplayer games, all share a common thread of being products that connect people with each other? Launching and scaling these products requires a mastery of “network effects”. ... And this is where I am currently in need of help from a co-founder.

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On: 22/06/2022 13:23

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Read it, was a good book but mainly from the perspective that it was a first stab at explaining the "network effect". Everyone talks about it but no one understands or defines what it is - so I liked it.

Main take away was the atomic network and also the hard side of the network. It was also helpful to split out the lifecycle stages of a networked product - this should be remembered by all startups as often time we try to jump steps.

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On: 20/09/2022 18:52

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